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Invisalign is the revolutionary straightening system that has rocked the orthodontic industry.

Leaving traditional orthodontic treatments in its wake, Invisalign is a lifestyle friendly and discreet straightening treatment. Consisting of a series of transparent aligners, this treatment gently pushes teeth into correct positioning, creating a symmetrical, beautiful functional smile.

Some dental practitioners have become disenchanted with this treatment, whilst our dentists have perfected their craft to provide incredible results for both their past and present patients.


  • Braces that can be easily removed for big events like school formals or weddings.
  • Orthodontic treatment that is virtually transparent-no more metal mouth!
  • Zero diet restrictions- munch away on your favourite sticky or crunchy foods without fearing snapped brackets or an unsightly smile.
  • Never attend an uncomfortable tightening appointment, simply breeze in for a quick examination every few weeks and pick up your new aligners.

At our clinic, our main priority is you and your smile, so we will only recommend a treatment if it is right for your individual needs.

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